Hospice Services

Your Hospice team of specialists consists of:

Hospice Medical Director:  Leads team in development of plan of care for patient, provides consultation to physician regarding hospice care.

Primary Physician:  Co-manages plan of care with the hospice team, assists with symptom management and prescribes appropriate treatment.

Registered Nurse:  The RN case manager coordinates patient care and handles nursing needs. The role of the nurse is to help prevent and relieve pain and symptom management. The nurse will make certain that all necessary medical supplies and equipment are ordered and will assist in monitoring medication.

Certified Nursing Assistant:  The home health aides (HHA) provide direct personal care for the patient including bathing, dressing, grooming, hair care, shaving, skin care, linen changes, and straightening the patient’s immediate surroundings. HHA can also assist with household services to maintain a safe and clean environment for the patient. They provide comfort measures and report further needs to the nurse case manager. They also provide emotional support to patient and family.

Spiritual Support:  Spiritual care is a significant part of hospice services. The spiritual counselor is available to assist in any spiritual or end of life concerns. The spiritual counselor assesses patient and family spiritual needs, provides direct counseling, provides consultations to community clergy, and provides bereavement support.

Social Worker:  The medical social worker provides emotional support and guidance to the patient and family in coping with stress related to the illness. The social worker assesses patient and family for emotional and financial needs, assists with end of life planning, provides direct counseling, and arranges referrals to appropriate community agencies for patients and families.

Volunteers:  Trained volunteers provide companionship and support to patient and family. They provide needed non-medical services and respite time for family, as well as support at time of death and during bereavement. They are good listeners, non-judgmental and have a strong desire to reach out with love and concern to others.

Bereavement Counselor:  Bereavement support may be initiated at any time during the course of the patient’s terminal illness and continues for 13 months following the death of your loved one. Contact is made for additional support and to see how the family is coping with their loss. Our bereavement support can help connect families to services that are available including classes and support groups.