Identifying who can benefit from OSPTA hospice services and care

Chronic Diseases such as:

  •  Cancer
  •  End stage cardiovascular disease
  •  End stage pulmonary disease
  •  Senile degeneration of the brain or Alzheimer’s
  •  Neurological disease (Parkinson’s, ALS, CVA)
  •  End stage renal disease
  •  End stage liver disease

Indicators for admission to OSPTA hospice include: (not limited to the following – all not needed)

  •  Decline in functional status (more care/assistance needed for bathing, dressing, walking, feeding, communication)
  •  Weight Loss
  •  Loss in appetite/diet changes/difficulty swallowing
  •  Recurrent infection (UTI, sepsis, URI); need for antibiotics
  •  Oxygen dependent
  •  History of falls
  •  Decrease in cognitive status
  •  Multiple hospitalizations and/or emergency visits
  •  Non healing wounds